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Thanksgiving Again Nov 23, 2014 »

Wow! Is it that time of year again?

Thanksgiving is a few days away already, and for many, that means family food fun fellowship and friends.

We at All About Plumbing enjoy the same things and values as well. We know our livelihood and growth depends on our customers and their satisfaction with us. We want our workers to feel like family, and we want to treat our customers with the same care. we don't want to be one of those big companies where you're just a name and a number. We…

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Winter Begins Nov 16, 2014 »

My how time passes. Here it is the beginning of winter already, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I could not believe how long it been since I have posted anything.

A lot has happened since then, and I am extremely pleased to report how busy it has been. I have tried to stand by my philosophy since day one, and I contribute that to my success. That is the philosophy of service first, business will take care of itself. I have had a couple of jobs that I have had something go wrong, as…

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Thank you Sep 18, 2012 »

It has been over a year since we started our family business, and we thank you so much for the success that we have enjoyed. We realize that success cannot happen to our customers. It was and is our goal to provide old fashioned values that we have always felt have seemed to be lost in the business world. We wish to continue to put service and the needs of the customer first, and we hope that you will always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Of course the first year in…

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Plumbing Consultation Nov 16, 2011 »

At All About Plumbing, we realize that there are a lot of customers out there who could fix the problem themselves if they just knew what to do, the parts they needed, etc.

We have a realistic understanding of the economic times we all live in today, and we are now offering a consultation service to diagnose the problem so that you can fix it yourself. We can do this at a lower discounted rate, however, some problems will require a plumber due to codes and permits and such. Those problems…

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Thoughts On Thanksgiving Nov 13, 2011 »

I was driving around the other day when I came across this scene out in the countryside, and just had to take a picture of it- one of the hobbies I enjoy in my spare time. Call me old fashioned if you will, but it gave me cause for reflection, as I often do this time of year.

I realize no man is an island, and I am grateful for so many things as I have been truly blessed.

We all live in some difficult economic times these days, but the things I hold in high regard have nothing to do with…

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Winter is Upon Us "Time to be Prepared" Oct 26, 2011 »

Here are a few useful tips I have found that may help you to avoid some problems this winter-

About outside hydrants-

If they are dripping, fix or replace depending on age and condition, as dripping water from a faucet on the outside of a home can cause freezing and breakage. Never leave your water hose on the faucet as this can cause your faucet to freeze and bust as well. Outside insulated covers are not usually necessary, but they don't hurt and can prevent damage if the hydrant does…

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Importance of a Main Drain Cleanout Sep 19, 2011 »

In our questions for a plumber, one of the questions is, "Do you know where the cleanout for your main house drain is?"

A "cleanout" is a convenient place for a plumber to get access to the drain to "clean out" a clog without having to resort to digging up your yard to fix the problem.

Recently, I was called out by a customer with a clog. There was no clean out, so the only way to get access to it was to dig up his yard and break into the drain pipe. Rather than just replace the section…

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Replace the Water Heater? Aug 23, 2011 »

I recently saved a new customer a bunch of money. He called to tell me that his old water heater had given up the ghost and he probably just needed a new one. I drove out and took a look, but I couldn't find anything actually wrong with the equipment except it needed a good cleaning.

A gas water heater requires unrestricted airflow, a clean pilot line, and a clean burner area in order to efficiently heat the water. There are safeties in place to turn off the burner if it cannot burn the gas…

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