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Winter Begins Nov 16, 2014 »

My how time passes. Here it is the beginning of winter already, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I could not believe how long it been since I have posted anything.

A lot has happened since then, and I am extremely pleased to report how busy it has been. I have tried to stand by my philosophy since day one, and I contribute that to my success. That is the philosophy of service first, business will take care of itself. I have had a couple of jobs that I have had something go wrong, as…

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Winter is Upon Us "Time to be Prepared" Oct 26, 2011 »

Here are a few useful tips I have found that may help you to avoid some problems this winter-

About outside hydrants-

If they are dripping, fix or replace depending on age and condition, as dripping water from a faucet on the outside of a home can cause freezing and breakage. Never leave your water hose on the faucet as this can cause your faucet to freeze and bust as well. Outside insulated covers are not usually necessary, but they don't hurt and can prevent damage if the hydrant does…

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