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Winter Begins

Winter Begins

My how time passes. Here it is the beginning of winter already, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I could not believe how long it been since I have posted anything.

A lot has happened since then, and I am extremely pleased to report how busy it has been. I have tried to stand by my philosophy since day one, and I contribute that to my success. That is the philosophy of service first, business will take care of itself. I have had a couple of jobs that I have had something go wrong, as they will sometimes, but I backed them up even tho it took money out of my pocket. That is quite alright, because it proves I mean what I say.

Here recently we have hired a quality plumber into our family business, and he has proven to carry and hold the same values as do we. His name is Larry and we welcome him aboard. As we have stated before, we don't hire somebody that we can't leave in your home or ours.

As I stated in the beginning, winter is upon us. We have been busy getting people hooked up and approved for natural gas to their homes this past week so they can have heat to their homes, and avoid those busted water lines. Whatever your source of heat, be sure to take those winter precautions, and be sure and visit our website for more winter tips. You can also follow us on Facebook at

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