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Winter Tips

Winter is Upon Us "Time to be Prepared"

Here are a few useful tips I have found that may help you to avoid some problems this winter-

About outside hydrants-

If they are dripping, fix or replace depending on age and condition, as dripping water from a faucet on the outside of a home can cause freezing and breakage. Never leave your water hose on the faucet as this can cause your faucet to freeze and bust as well. Outside insulated covers are not usually necessary, but they don't hurt and can prevent damage if the hydrant does go to dripping.

Outside foundations-

Check around the outside of your home to see if there are cracks or open air pockets for cold air to get underneath your home. I have found many broken pipes under a home due to this. another thing you can do is to look under your home and where you see daylight, that is a place for trouble. I look for this when I crawl under a home to look for leaks. Many people believe that because they have had their pipes wrapped they will be good for the winter- not necessarily so if you have cold air blowing underneath your home. there have been lots of times I have had to pull insulation off of a line in order to fix a leak. However, insulating your pipes can buy you some time if you have an interruption to your heat source. I will be glad to help in that area at any time. Heat tape is used a lot in good houses and mobile homes, but I would advise that you replace it every fall season, as, you don't know that it quits working until its too late.

This has been my experience, and I hope it helps. Please feel free to call me at any time with any questions or concerns you might have.

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